Hot CUE Buttons - did they changed the sensitivity in BETA?

Strange behavior in Beta:

If I fast press the CUE Button, sometimes PRIME4 doesn´t recognize it, but jumps to the HOTCUE and stays there without playing.

I than reflashed to 1.3.2 …

And there it works ?!

Did they changed the CUE Sensivity - and if - How can we set the Sensivity to our own setting ???

Is this not selectable in the ‘cue’ setting in the preferences menu? Chose from trigger or momentary? Maybe the setting changed back to default following the update

EDIT - actually ignore that. I thought you were referring to the hot cue buttons, not the main cue button!

I meant the hot cues, and yes you can choose from momentary to trigger. but in trigger mode sometimes they hang. I ran a platter callibration - could be that the issue is now all away … have to test it (are they on the same touch circuit ?!)

Edit - it seems so … If you have Issues with the Hot CUE button - hold them while you go to utility and press platter callibration. It works wonders :wink:


Calibration is a neat function indeed.