Hot Cue are not quantized

Hello hot cues imported from the traktor collection in engine prime are not on the grid

Are they slightly off (common with all library synchronization softwares) or completely out in left field?

they are slightly shifted to the left. it’s a problem when using the quantize function

This seems to be a common issue with a few pieces of software when converting libraries. Haven’t had this issue personally, but I have seen it posted elsewhere.

I had this same problem when I imported from Traktor. I proceeded to fix each cue point and a few days later I “updated” the Traktor library in Prime and all the cues I had “fixed” had reverted to being off to the left. I’ve now hidden the Traktor library in Prime and won’t use or update it again until I’ve heard it’s been fixed by Denon. I now only import playlists from iTunes, just to be safe.

same here it’s very annoying