History repeating

My name is Dave Porter I’m an Essex boy but hate TOWIE in fact they do not represent Essex at all. Started life Djing at our school social club in 1978. Went from being bullied at school to suddenly having respect and the interest of girls.

Went on to be a mobile Dj with a FAL twin belt turntable unit and a c90 cassette player (very state of the art back then lol) then on to clubs were I wad offered, but foolishly turned down a job as lighting engineer to a new band that just hit the chart, The Prodigy. “Ouch”

Djing on digital format with two Archos 504’s and iPods wasn’t the easiest but it was early days. Let’s face it every format a Dj is up against us floored in one way or another.

My first love and still is, was/is the scooter scene northern soul, ska, punk mod and indie which has lead me to Dj all around the world and given me the honour and pleasure to Dj support for some great names; Edwin Starr, Blur, Madness OCS, Bad manners and members of The Small Faces and The Kinks. I still keep my hands in with genres like Jazz Funk, House and Modern Soul and since supporting “Dreadzone” some uplifting Dub.

Had 10 years running an on-line radio station. ScooteristRadio.com but suddenly everyone’s doing it.

Now promoting fetish clubs in London and Djing at rallies and festivals. Kinda got out of the mobile Dj scene sick to death with the H&S and rules, gotta have this gotta have that, in my day there was no such thing as a PAT TEST.

Oh and brats running around your equipment thinking its funny to stare right into a 250w light.

41 years later I still love entertaining crowds and I am the proud owner of a Denon Prime 4 or should I say it owns me.


Record collectors who think they are Djs.

Djs who play to themselves and their mates not the crowd.