History playlists - wrong order when copying

Hi all,

I’m attempting to copy the history playlists created by the players onto another drive. As I don’t seem to be able to just drag and drop the history playlists (which, note to devs, would make my life WAY easier) so I have created new playlist folders on the target drive. I then highlight all the tracks in the history folder and drag and drop into the new target.

However, when I go look at the history files on that target, the order is now all scrambled up. Is there a solution to this (beyond copying everything over one track at a time) or is this a known issue?

Thanks for the help.

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Hey Todd, You are correct that we do not yet support converting history lists to playlists. There’s a couple of caveats, including the possibility that the tracks that participate in the history list are not actually on the target drive that the list is dragged to. I guess I would be interested to know how you would expect for something like this to go down ie: do you have the same tracks on all drives and are ok with potential missing tracks in playlists because the risk for you is low…

As for the order being scrambled. That does sound like an issue. I’ll have the guys in our labs look into that.

I think this could be resolved if Engine Prime asks for a file relocation or a skip this track. I recall that was an earlier request also.

Thanks for the followup. A few further notes since my original post - while scrambled up, it does seem to be a block of tracks that get moved around, not just a totally random order. So for example, on one of the lists, the first ten tracks of the night got stuffed, in order, into the middle of the playlist. While I haven’t checked all the lists yet, this seems to be the pattern - a block gets moved from a random location to another random location.

As for your question of how I could see a history transfer being implemented - I potentially see a few useful options:

Drag & drop: In this case, do the same thing as if I was moving a playlist to a new target and just copy over any missing music files. I’d like to see this work back to the master library too so I can have a running history of all my shows in one spot. In the event a file gets deleted, I’m okay with it just disappearing from the history list (although some sort of greyed-out track missing placeholder would be preferred).

Running text file: A quick and dirty option, that would also be quite useful (well, in my mind anyway) would be to have the players while creating the history they currently do, also create a running text file with track name and artist. Doesn’t have to be too fancy. That way I could literally just copy and paste what I wanted to keep back to my computer without using a lot of memory (for an example of what I mean see the tracklist.txt file created by VDJ in its History folder).

Just a few thoughts anyway - happy to flush them out further with a team member if it’s useful.

What if you could export the file from Engine Prime, lets say to CSV, TXT, JSON and M3U formats?

ahem I mean… hypothetically speaking of course.


Well that would be just perfect! Hypothetically speaking of course. :wink:

Looking forward to the next update.

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