History of tracks and sets played

On my SC6000 (with internal drive), I notice that there is a History Playlist which keeps track of everything I play (cool!). Is there a way to extract that history information into a common file format? So I could, for example, paste it into Mixcloud?

  • Put SC6000 in computer mode
  • Connect USB to computer
  • Start Engine Prime
  • Rightclick on the history item
  • Export to CSV.

What Reese said and a screenshot


Thats so cool! Thanks

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Does it keep history from Beatport and Tidal?

That’s a really good question i do not know as i have not signed up for streaming services yet. Should be possible if it’s not already available as the players cache beatgrid,loop and cuepoint information on a local drive.

This is a good question.

If it’s stored on the denons cool but I can infer that this info will go to the streaming services. Can anyone guess why?

Sadly said, No … It writes history file on each USB Device and no History for Services yet. (On Prime4)

Each Drive has it own History. That means, if you swap form pen drive A to pen drive B you have a history on each drive you played from. Tracks from streaming are not included in the history, which is also sad.

Please Denon … One History for all Drives and Services in one Place.

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