Higher BPM analyse Engine DJ

Hi fellow Engine DJ users,

I have a problem that I am a uptempo/terror DJ and Engine DJ can’t analyse my songs correctly. It is almost every time half bpm. So I need to manually select the song and press x2. I cant do that with a selection of songs. Also it would be nice if I can just set analyse BPM settings higher so that it is always correct. My songs normally start at 200 and sometimes I go up to like 400bpm. Also I cant set the BPM higher manually then 250. Engine DJ just says no. I hope that Denon can fix this fast because it is taking a lot of my time and is also getting very annoying.

Hey @MaxPainNL,

I am also playing Up-tempo/terror. For higher speed tracks that are under 250 bpm, You need to set the bpm range to the highest setting and then reanalyse. As for the tracks above 250bpm, for now it is not possible to set the bpm on every kick, so we need to live with the half speed here. This limit is supposed to be fixed in the future. I hope sooner than later. If I can help You with something more, just let me know.