HID Mode SC6000 rekordbox DJ

Hi, i whant to by the wonderful SC6000 and change the my CDJ to the Denon Future Media Player. but i did not found any information, that the SC6000/SC6000M works in HID Mode, to use ist as a Player in rekordbox DJ (version 6). Thx for your response.

Hello @MARKREBELL Welcome to the forum,

Prime players supporting hid with Rekordbox? - This will never happen, as Denon is not supporting Pioneer products and Pioneer products don’t support Denon. How did You thought about this?


As @NoiseRiser says, not gonna happen. And I actually think that the reason for this will be Pioneer.

Denon has made it possible to import from RB and even use RB usb’s. But I bet that Pioneer never will open up for HID mode for other products than their own.

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What is HID mode?

Its when you get the waveforms, library control etc from your dj software (in this case RB) , on the screen on your players…

I took your question and entered it in Google (a fantastic Search Engine :wink::rofl:)

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