Hi I'm New. Greetings! Feature Requests & Questions


Hello everyone! I’m MNemonic,
I apologies ahead of time for the lengthy post. TL;DR all the way down.

I used to play on a Pioneer Setup, I used CDJ2000NXS’ and CDJ900s a four deck setup connected via a switch and a PC with rekordbox housing ALL of my music. I would use rekordbox as a repository for all the music (over 20k+) I had. I could click and drag the song to the deck, then use the deck as normal.
I’ve been watching the Denon Prime series for several months and only recently decided that it’s time to move to the next level in DJ’n. I figured Denon’s SC5000 would be extremely helpful in this continued Open Format journey. I have 2 - Denon SC5000s which I consider to be a TRUE 4 Deck system. I am still learning on the new hardware, and I’d like to share my experience, questions, concerns, and features that I’d like to see.

Please kindly point me in the right direction if I touch a topic that has already been discussed.
I’ve searched the forums but I haven’t found the answers I’m looking for.

I’ll start with the Hardware, the SC5000.

  • I’m not a avid user or pusher for the sync button. I have learned with my ears and would continue to love to use them as they’ve never disappointed. The first thing I’ve noticed is that the Platters/Jog Wheels are either overly sensitive or not sensitive enough depending on tracks. I can’t get that precision beat matching moving the the Jog Wheels with the SC5000. I have adjusted and played with the tension but it’s just not there for all tracks. I’ve noticed that when adjusting the PITCH FADER, I am only able to adjust in +/-.05% this is on any setting of +/-4, 8, 10, 20, 50 etc… I would figure this would get smaller/tighter the lower one goes in the PITCH range. Can this be adjusted?
  • It’s clear to me just by how I’ve DJ’d the past 10 years that there’s a missing element on the SC5000. There is no way to TAG/MARK/FLAG a track. I know I should “know” the track I’m playing, about to play, etc. However, there’s so much wonderful electronic music out there it’d take forever to go through it all. Especially trying to go through it on the laptop with laptop speakers… Ugh forget that! I enjoy playing unknown tracks to both myself and my audience many times I play for practice or on a my stream and ever so often there’s that one track… that one banger that’s like OMG WOW! I could easily hit “TAG” on the previous setup and FLAG that track for later use build playlists around it, find more tracks by the artist, etc. Recommending a feature for Tagging/Flagging/Marking a Track on the fly on the SC5000.
  • Another Feature Request would be the ability to add a track to a crate or playlist on the fly from the SC5000.

On the Engine Prime Software

  • Analyzing from 98 to 198 doesn’t seem to be a large enough range. There’s a lot of Drum & Bass that may get ignored. Or worse analyzed as the wrong BPM (which I’ve noticed is a current common issue). Is there no way to just have 60 to 198 which would cover literally everything? Instead of so many choices that seem to sacrifice other BPMs to analyze a smaller range of BPMs.
  • The software is still growing, I completely understand that. It took rekordbox FOREVER to become what is it today. I’d love to help in whatever way possible to make Engine Prime a beast. Enable Right Click Menu in app. A wonder feature would be able to Right Click on a folder (in explorer mode) and say Add to Playlist/Crate. Or Right Click on selected tracks.
  • Normal Windows Shortcuts such as CTRL+ALT doesn’t work in the Application instead I found out this is CTRL.
  • Network capability. Yes! This is a must in my opinion. If the features above can’t happen on the SC5000 why not build it into the application and make it network to the SC5000s from a laptop. All 4 Decks show up once connected to the a network switch or the X1800 (mine arrives tomorrow). There’s even a port for PC on the back of it. Why not take advantage of it or is that the plan? I rather enjoy having my collection of music on the Laptop using MY folder organization; selecting a track and dragging it to the next Deck in line to be played. This is just GOD TEIR. Is there a plan to have the Engine Prime software networked to the hardwared (SC5000)?
  • I know this request isn’t for everyone, but no DB restrictions. It’s maybe only needed for a few DJs that play on Denon but Pioneer doesn’t have any restrictions governing how many songs I can have in my collection. I have formatted multiple times and in some cases backed up my database while in others started fresh. And 20k+ tracks would analyze without issues, correct BPMs, Grids, etc. From a software engine aspect it’s probably a nightmare. Just would be a nice request for later down the road when Denon takes over. :wink:

This is just something I’ve thrown together I haven’t even had my SC5000 a week. I’ll be playing my first gig on Friday with the SC5000s I’m nervous since I’m usually always on Beat and on Time and for the first time ever I don’t know if I can make that happen.

Thanks for Reading,



SC5000 could use tighter adjustments for PITCH instead of just +/-.05% on each setting +/-4, 8, 10 etc

SC5000 could use a TAG/MARK/FLAG button for those banger tracks that might have been missed

SC5000 could use a way to add a track to a crate or playlist on the fly

Engine Prime could analyze the full spectrum of BPMs 60 to 198

Engine Prime could use Normal Windows Shortcuts like CTRL+ALT to select different tracks

Engine Prime could use Right Click menu add folder to playlist or crate feature

Engine Prime could use network capability to allow the software to be used a repository for music and a selected track could be moved to a deck from the software to be played.

Engine Prime may want to take away restrictions for DB size. For DJs with massive amounts of music


You can swipe left in the browser to add it to a preparation crate which can be accessed by one of the icons on the left side of the screen, that’s basically the same principal as flagging.


I agree with bits of what you’ve said there. For the jog wheel in accuracy, I would recommend using the nudge buttons instead - they are Uber accurate and much more like holding 33 and tapping 45 to speed up on a vinyl deck.

Flag - deffo for me. In serato you can colour tag tracks (I have a key for different moods) and I’d love a way when playing to mark a track that could be put in a crate later (or even simply being able to rate on the fly would be great).

The other parts aren’t that relevant to me, but I can see why they frustrate you.


Hi! Thanks for posting and thank you for the feedback!

A few points you may find helpful that haven’t been made yet:

  • There are different selectable spectrums for the BPM analysis inEngine Prime. Go to Library > Preferences to choose different ranges, including one that goes as low as 60.
  • Technically there is no database limit, but we do recommend keeping it at 10,000 or lower for optimal load/search.sort times.