Hi I have DJS 1000 to go with my X1800 snad SC5000, but i cant get signal into DJS from X1800

Hi everyone, I have received a DJS 1000 for Christmas to go with my X1800 and SC5000’s. Im try to do live sampling through the SC5000 into mixer and then through to DJS but im not getting sound through to live sample. I have a midi cable from X1800 to DJS 1000. The light for midi on 1000 lights up if I touch a button or move a something on x1800 but doesn’t stay on. I want to know if anyone has had any success with this setup and possible setup information. I have midi out (X1800) to midi in (DJS1000) then output (DJS1000) to return (X1800) via TS cables. Maybe I need TRS instead of TS. Please help. Its an expensive gift and I like to use it.

If you are using return, You also need to send something. If You want to only use the samples from the djs1000 and get them to playback without sampling then You need to connect the sampler to on e of the channels. For live sampling, connect mixer send to sampler input, sampler output to mixer return. Using only return will not work, as it depends on the signal from Send output.

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