Hi from South Wales

Hi all

Thought I’d introduce myself after raising a few questions and reading a lot of the posts.

I’m based in S Wales and have been DJ-ing for 21 years. I’m a typical mobile DJ doing mainly 4 and 5* hotels. Corporate, weddings, charity nights, etc.

I started off with one CD player, a pile of about 5 cds and a microphone and have gone from there.

I like the tech side, although my knowledge doesn’t match my enthusiasm. I like my PA - Ohm BR12 tops with either TRS-118 or BRS-12 bins, depending on the size of the gig. I’m an active member of the speakerplans forum, although, again, tend to learn more than I give.

I’m currently running a pair of SC5000M and an X1800. I love the players, but I need to have a play with the mixer a bit more to form a full opinion. My previous mixer was an Ecler Nuo4.0 and I loved it. I haven’t got that feeling with the X1800 yet. We’ll see.

I am fully of the opinion that gear doesn’t make the DJ. If you’re a good DJ, you can make a party out of a tape deck. Similarly, I don’t care if you use sync or auto-mix because, to me, song choice trumps all. If you’ve got a packed dance-floor, that’s all that matters. I appreciate the skill of good quality mixing (and scratching) and respect those that can do it, but song choice will always win when playing to a crowd. Whilst I’m not as picky as some people (I don’t have the knowledge to be), I do believe that good sound quality helps a gig. I know people say that punters don’t care (and I’m certain they don’t care what players/controller/laptop I might be using), but I believe that getting the best sound out maximises the chances of enjoyment. Of course, as we all know, there are a thousand different variables that contribute to the success of a gig, many of them outside our control. Sound quality is one of them that is within our control so why wouldn’t you make it the best you can with the resources you have.

I’ve probably rambled on for far too long so I’ll stop now! Hi everyone and if you disagree with me, I absolutely don’t mind. If we were all the same, gigs would be very boring!


Hi and welcome!!!