Hi Every one. First post !

My Name is Stuart and im from the UK and 70 years old next March.

I have been a DJ for over 35 years and have had a current residency over 27 years specialising in Ballroom and Sequence dance.

Used Denon equipment for a very long time and always been pleased with the build quality and reliability.

However just had a problem today if any one can advise. One side of the Twin CD player has suddenly stoped playing. No sound. Disc is spinning but no audio. Second side is still working fine. Any help much appreciated. First post so sorry if it is in the wrong place.


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Welcome … got me beat in age by 16 years, still slightly ahead of you in years on the deck with 40. Welcome aboard, love you still being active.

As for your technical question, you’d want to do some further troubleshooting to determine where the actual problem sits. No offense if you already know/did some of these things. But don’t know your level of technical fluency :-).

I will assume here that you didn’t do anything strange to the mixer, like turning the filter fully down/up, turn down channel gain all the way or move an input selector switch or something (if the mixer has any of those, again unknown to me).

That means three things can be wrong:

  1. the actual deck. It might not present audio signal at the unit output.
  2. the cable. The cable gets audio signal from the unit output, but doesn’t input that audio signal to the mixer channel input.
  3. the mixer channel. Audio signal is offered to the mixer input, but nothing makes it to the actual fader.

This would be my troubleshooting workflow:

a) Mark the cable between deck 1 (assuming this is the working deck). We know this deck and this cable are functional.

b) Remove the cable between deck 2 (the not working deck) and the mixer.

c) Switch the cable from deck 1 to channel 2 mixer input (assuming normally deck 1 is on channel 1)

d) Play music on deck 1 with open fader at channel 2.

At this point there are 2 options:

  • You don’t hear music. You have determined there is a problem with that mixer channel. You’ll need to bring the mixer in for repairs.
  • You hear music. Your mixer is ok. So you can take that out of the equation and move to the next step.

e) Remove the marked cable between deck 1 and channel 2. Attach deck 1 with the other cable to channel 1. f) Play music on deck 1 with fader open on channel 1.

Again there are 2 options:

  • You don’t hear music. You have determined there is a problem with this cable. Replace it with a new/other one.
  • You hear music. Your cable is ok. We now know that both cables and both mixer channels operate properly. The problem is with deck 2. Bring it in for repairs.

Hope that helps some.

Thanks for taking the time to help me with my tech problem.

Tried a spare mixer and every thing is working fine now. For some reason all the channels have gone off.

So just bought another new one. I average 4 sets a week so equipment has served me well.

Merry Christmas and thanks again