HI all! New to Denon DJ from Arizona

Hey everyone,

New here to Denon DJ. Not really a DJ, just like playing with toys and playing music with my friend. Long time audio video geek and have been working IT field for 10+ years now as a DC architect. Feel free to ask any kind of technical electronic question as there is a good chance I might have a answer :slight_smile:
I have a pair of SC 5000s and X1800 coming and I can’t wait to get my hands on everything and start playing :slight_smile:


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Must be nice if you can go out and buy a Prime setup for “toys”. LOL.

:innocent: Don’t get me wrong, its a really expensive toy, and the fiancé is going to be ■■■■■■ when she sees the toys. :sweat_smile:Been a cog in the corporate machine for 11 years now, so nice comes with working a lot of hours and making yourself stand out vs your peers.