HFS Formatted External Hard Drive questions for Library

Any plans to support HFS formatted external hard drives?

I previously had a HFS formatted Lacie Rugged 2TB Thunderbolt/USB 3.0 External HD which worked with both Engine Prime and Serato DJ, I have since run out of space on that external HD and bought a USB 3.0 4TB G-Drive External HD. [I do both audio and video gigs]

I prefer to format my external HD in the native file format of whatever system i’m using which in my case in HFS for Macs. My entire Serato Library is on this new HFS 4TB and it works fine with Serato.

I don’t even need this HFS formatted external HD to work with the SC5000 Prime, i just need the HFS external HD it to work with EP on laptop so i can export tracks i want to another USB/Thumb drive (FAT/exFAT).

* With my older 2TB Lacie Rugged Thunderbolt which has dual connection i.e Thunderbolt 2 and USB 3.0, if i connect via Thunderbolt 2 Engine Prime reads it but it doesn’t when i connect with the USB 3.0

Hi Mufasa,

This shouldnt be a problem for the “Main collection at home” drive; As long as the system can read it, so can Engine Prime.

Thanks for the response. I’m sure I have tried it and it didn’t work.

But just to be sure I will try it again

I will connect the HFS formatted external HD to my Mac now and see if EP will recognise it.

I just tried it again and Engine Prime can’t read my Serato Library stored on the External HD.

I can navigate the connected HD via EP file explorer but that defeats the purpose as i wont have crates, cues and stuff to work with.

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