Hey there from Mallorca / Ibiza


Hey this is Jason Parker from the Balearic Islands!

Im Djiing since 1998, and since 2004 professionally as my mainjob. I touched a lot of genres through my career i started with 80s then crossed Rock Music and between 2000 and 2004 i was focused on Black Music - which was by far the best time for black music. (sorry the sh*t which is produced nowadays 95% is for trash. but then i more and more found out im not willing just to go with one genre. so now i would cinsider myself a professional Mashup and Mainstream Artist adjusting the basic soundfeel from electronic music up to RNB to the flavour of the event to play. There is just too much good and too much bad music out there just to focus on a single genre.

About future Denon products: for me the only real intersting point for now is if later on Engine and Enginge Prime will have an 100% compatible database to be able to use the MCX8000 in mobile use and the Prime Series in a Club or larger Events and be able to use the same collection files and save cues without the need of using serato in general or a Notebook on the gig.

greets from Spain!




Say Captain! Say What! :smiley:

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