Here’s to you, Denon Engineers

I just saw the erm… “slick” user interface on a competitor’s new media player. I don’t want to mention the name. Let’s just call it the Grillinator-3000.

As a result I’d like you to all fill your glasses and toast the Denon DJ Engineers who brought us a smooth and 21st century UI on the Prime series. Thank you guys. Good job, :+1: we appreciate it.


Denon staff popping champagne after they saw it released


I’ll drink to that!


There are memes with the competition player popping up in the internet very fast now :smiley:


+1, I’m a happy DenonDJ customer



ouch, LOL

I say cheers … hoch den schoppen, I think denon has done the right way, as P tried to copy but fail :slight_smile:

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From your point of view, yes, good for Denon but don’t forget that Pioneer still has what Denon wants (needs) which is that earned and trusted reputation Pioneer has.

It was smart of Pioneer to copy the SC units because (if we’re being honest here) there are still a ton of people who were not willing to part ways from their trusted Pioneer gear and even if they were contemplating, now with the release of the 3000’s, I would say that the chance Denon had to take more of Pioneer’s customers has diminished. Sure, there will always be people who will switch due to price, or common sense (lol) but at the end of the day, Pioneer is still wearing the crown in the industry and Denon still needs to work hard to take it away from them (please don’t confuse the last statement for me suggesting they deserve the crown, that’s not what I said).

I think that Denon needs to remember that what helped them gain a bit of success with the Prime decks was their price point and if the Denon gear is too close in price to the Pioneer gear, it will be an uphill battle for them.

Just my thoughts…


and feature set as well.

I never intended to invest in CDJs again until the i saw the 5000s. Prior to the announcement of the 5ks, i was pretty content with using controllers, turntables (dvs) and HID in clubs.


I would like to big up the engineers for the spinning platter.

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There nothing wrong with the Grillinator-3000 and I’m happy to use them as with the earlier devices. I just think that the SC5000/6000 is an excellent device and it stands on it’s own two feet.

Nonetheless there are 3 things I really like on the 3000:

  1. Track preview

Preview tracks just by hitting the preview waveform is freaking fast and convenient !

  1. Stacked waveforms with the master deck.

I know the dual waveform view is coming but I’m wondering if it wil be as practical.

  1. The 9" screen:

10" makes the unit too big IMO (as big as a turntable) The 3000 looks better proportioned.

Curious about that Track Preview on the CDJ-3000. You can’t seem to skip through a track like on a Prime device or can it?

Has anyone got a confirmation?

Yes you can navigate through the song by taping anywhere on the preview waveforms on the CDJ3000. Just look any review on YouTube, you will realize how powerful it is!


I don’t know about the 3000 but I found the one for the 2000NXS2

Easter egg feature, who knew? :grinning:


So that is more or less copied from the Primes, but on the Primes you have a larger area to tab.

In the Crossfader review he was only doing press and hold to listen; no skipping through, so I was wondering.

It’s a bit different to engine os .

Here the upfaders don’t stop the preview. Hence the listen ahead.

Okay I’m just trying to get a sense on the differences.

I think on the CDJ-3000 there are 2 types of preview.

  • From the playlist (I don’t see skipping through a track in that way in the reviews like EngineOS)
  • When playing a track (then skipping through is possible via link cue)

the audio coming from the preview can be directly routed to the headphone output so no need to use cue mix button (Pioneer) or use the upfaders (Denon). But not sure if the Denon link protocol can transport audio so the X1800/1850. But on the prime Go/2/4 this should definitely be possible.

Just my personal opinion… I definitely prefer track preview in the browser the way it is implemented in the Prime series.

With Denon Prime track preview:

  • The preview does not take up extra screen space which can therefore be used for the information of the tracks tags instead of preview
  • There is no need to keep holding the preview to play (it plays trough on release untill tapped elsewhere to stop or loaded)
  • It’s easy to play from track start without accidentally press the browser to another list
  • There is a lot more room to scroll more exact trough the preview (not by mini waveform, but by time)
  • It doesn’t require a Pro Link compatible mixer, but can be used with every mixer (with as bonus upfader detection in advance with a Prime mixer).

Advantages to argue in favor of Pioneers way could be:

  • The visual mini waveform indication (instead of time indication)
  • Toggling on/off in browser screen instead of utility (but I don’t see the need on Prime to bring it there, since preview is not taking up extra space in the browser), so basically they can both be turned on and off
  • Seperate cue channel on top of all your channels (I don’t see the need, since you probably preview to load to one of the channels that also have cue