Help with X1850 mixer update

Hello people I have an issue and I dont know if is hardware or software but I think it might be software because when turned the mixer on for the first time the 2 screens works fine at 1.1 v firmware but when I update it to 1.2 v the second screen is dead and I can't work with mixer systems configuration…

what should I do? I just received just one sc6000`s unit, so, i never used the mixer and the issue is persist.

Have you tried to install the 1.2 update again ?

If it still keeps the second screen off get it touch with the Denon support.

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I’ve install it several times and nothing change. But know I can scroll and navigate the home menu like audio settings, eq setting system but the in the dead screen I can see a blur line down and up when I am scrolling in the menu on the 1st screen. Is very weird.

Contact Denon / your dealer for a replacement / repair.

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