Help with two issues in Prime Management

Let me start by saying I am still using VDJ for my Playlist management, since I have over 200k tracks and videos and I don’t want to bog down EP…Also because I still need VDJ when VJing So my workflow… I make and edit playlists in VDJ. I copy them to the playlists in iTunes as my go between to EP. When I copy from VDJ to iTunes it doesn’t import duplicates. When i copy from iTunes to EP, it duplicates any tracks that are already in EP…

For example, say my cocktail list has 50 tracks…I add 2 tracks in VDJ … i sync to iTunes and iTunes has 52 now… when i copy from iTunes to EP…EP has 102 tracks…50 dupes and 2 new tracks. Anyone have a better way to sync between?

Second question…removed…i figured it out

Do You still see the duplicates when You eject the externally connected drives from Your computer?

Try going from iTunes to EP crates

If I understand correctly though I can’t put the same song in multiple crates. I use my playlists for a workflow. So if I am playing 90’s pop from my 90’s pop playlist I will have Spice Girls Wannabe, but I also have that in my “White Girl” playlist. So I have quite a few tracks that fit different spaces while playing.

Yes NoiseRiser. It duplicates tracks in playlists, then I have to go and manually delete all the dupes. When you import a bunch of tracks into iTunes it says you are importing duplicate tracks. What would you like to do? Add…Skip etc. VDJ will also allow you to add dupes, but you can throw the playlist in the auto mix list, and select remove duplicates, then drag it back.
I was hoping for a way to remove the dupes in each individual playlist, or an option to tell it not to add dupes.
The only other option I can think of is to delete all the playlists when adding a track or two to each, then reimporting and reanalyzing the playlists in full. I think this may also lose all my cue points and beat grid adjustments

First of all You need to understand how EP shows the tracks. Most likely they will not be duplicates but showing on both drives after export (your internal drive and external USB). When You eject the USB drive, You should no longer see duplicated tracks in the list. One of the columns in EP is marked as Drive - check there to see if the tracks is marked from the same drive or from different drives.

As for multiple playlists containing the same track - you can do it. Make Your playlists and add the tracks from crates to those playlists. As for crates - I didn’t tried it. Never had a need to double the tracks in crates.

No, you can put one song in multiple crates, just like playlists.

Difference between crates and playlists - playlists can can have duplicates

I get that. It’s if I am dragging a playlist between iTunes and dragging it on top of a playlist in EP. This is with no other drives connected. If the playlist has 50 songs but I add 2 in iTunes, then drag that playlist to EP playlist the EP playlist will now have 102. It will duplicate the original 50 and add the extra 2.

OK Thanks I will convert to crates then. I didn’t do that initially as I was under the impression, that a song could only appear once in the entire crate system, not once per crate. I thank you both for your assistance.

Lol now what do I do…they got rid of crates in 2.0

He he he

I know

The new “playlist” are just like the old “crates”

So technically they got rid of playlists and renamed the old crates into playlists …

Or better still they combined the two features

New Playlist - you can’t have multiple instances of the same track in a playlist

Awesome…now to tear apart the three new consoles I built so I can update the hardware…lol I am excited about SoundSwitch

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