Help with sc5000m please

Hi I’ve recently came from pioneer xdj700 to the sc5000m

I’m currently only using one which is fine atm

A few things I’m struggling on.

How to do you change the pitch range mid set. As somtimes imes it goes from 10/50/100 etc. Can I change this myself each time. (like the xdj) so I would like to go sometimes between the lowest then to around 20 I’m not sure they are set at off the top Of my head.

Also sometimes I’m unable to select a certain layer a or b and the master unless sync is pressed on both which then sometimes sends the Current songs bpm to something else(which as above could be - +50 that’s why I would like to change.

I’ve swamped my unit over from an ex display to a new unit as they had none instock originally but all my hotcues and loops etc have disappeared that I made on the previous unit. Why is this, does it not save to the usb stick.

A few things I would like to see on an update.

When selected playlist are sorted by bpm, track, artist etc on the fly, to stay like this rather than going to to the original each time to go to a playlist.

The phase counter is not always correct after syncing a song when you beat jump then go back to the original (yes the wave form red bars are Iine)

Thanks for any help.

Hopefully not teaching you to suck eggs here, and I’ve understood the question correctly, to change the pitch range press shift and use the pitch bend buttons to increase or decrease the range.

Loops and hatches should be saved to the device the track is on, sounds like an error that.

Can’t help you with the rest, I don’t have the M model or use sync.

I didn’t know that with the shift and pitch bend thanks. The xdj700 had a button on the screen to change it if I remember correctly so thanks for that.

Yeah it’s strange regarding the loops and hit cues they have disappeared.

But I used a different usb sockeyast night so maybe that’s why. I’ll have a look again tonight

Do yourself a favor and go into the Utility/Preferences and disable the need to use shift for pitch range and sync (if you’re using it).

Is that because of Elastique (I’m sure that’s what I’ve seen you call it before)? I’d have to disagree with that, but maybe that’s because of the music I play (tech/prog) which is very beaty, so not distorted much, and coming from vinyl simply pitching up 5 or so would transpose the key, so the difference in the electronic magic doesn’t seem as harsh.

Huh? Are you in the right thread?

For why he should disable changing the pitch %

What the heck are you smoking, man? I didn’t say anything about that, and there isn’t even such an option under Utility/Preferences to do such a thing! :rofl: SHIFT BUTTON REQUIREMENT.

What on Earth is this all about then!

How can you use the pitch bend button then?

:rofl: total misread :man_facepalming:

Have you ever gone into the Utility/Preferences on the players? You can disable the necessity to use shift button to do pitch range change and to enable/disable sync. Much faster/easier without shift needed. You just tap the pitch bend buttons to change range. There’s also a ton of stuff that people keep blabbing on about with sync and relative pitch fader requests that are completely unnecessary if they just not only do that for pitch range but also for sync. That might explain the hostility of people about me explaining why relative pitch range was unneeded in that other thread if none of you have changed these settings before. That actually starts to explain quite a bit. Do it. It’s going to blow your mind.

You don’t need it. Use the platter edge. That’s the big revolution on the SC5000M over Denon’s prior models: the platter edge with the motor on actually responds more like a 1200. On their prior models it was fouled up. You literally could not reliably bend dragging or nudging the metal platter on their prior models I’ve used, and so needed to either use just the fader, the buttons, or being super gentle with directly bending on the record.

Don’t have the M’s, and never touched the platter going back on the 1210s, used to use the 33/45 buttons to pitch bend, hence why I use the buttons on the SC.

…and I don’t use sync :wink:

Ok, well I don’t use sync either when actually DJing (other than testing stuff on these to either find bugs or explain the functions to other people), but the people going on about wanting relative pitch fader changing are apparently using it extensively which is problematic with shift, and the OP in this thread has the Ms and is also apparently using sync.

Are you actually using those bend buttons on the SC5000 non-M when you have the jog bend?

Like I said, it is the same workflow as when I’m on the 1210s - finger on the 33, tap the 45 with varying degrees of pressure depending on how much it needs nudging (or ride the pitch slider if you are using two 45 records, but that’s a different technique). I can still hear the voice of a DJ back in ‘93 screaming at me “don’t touch the f***ing record!!” when I was learning how to mix. Never have since, feels weird when I’m on CDJs now as I love the pitch bend buttons (miles more accurate than the wheel, and doesn’t have the x2 forward to back issue). Each to their own I suppose, but I do (now) understand what you were on about.

You could add maximum ±8 to your beast mode for that vintage feel :wink::joy:

By the way, the master selection is not applied on both. It just lights regardless of the layer you’re on so you can quickly see the physical deck it’s on. Master is not selected on the layer that shows the green soft takeover arrow light.

True, you don’t want to touch the audio area of the record and get skin oils and grime in the grooves.

I tend to ride the pitch fader a lot.

When I’m not riding the fader, I touch the record edge on the high torque turntables because their platters are so high torque it’s difficult to actually nudge or drag the platters, and either the record edge or the platter edge on the 1200s, depending on the model.

Many high torque models, by the way, don’t even have individual speed buttons, and the ones that do often don’t function as the 1200’s RPM buttons do that let you hold one down and tap the other. I started out using Numark and Vestax decks 20 years ago. I have tried using quartz lock and the speed selector buttons over the years, but this technique 1) doesn’t translate to all turntables, and 2) doesn’t translate to all CDJs… including the industry standard. Occasionally I will still tap a quartz button, even on the opposing deck if necessary if I’m in a hurry and worried I’m going to be a clutz otherwise, but that’s not how I commonly do it.

Having no jog bend deadzone on the non-M Prime player, though, means you can also get WAY finer bends with the jog than you can with the pitch bend buttons… even though right now it’s asymmetrical, not to mention too sensitive in forward. The pitch bend buttons on these are pretty crude and clunky, I find.

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I’ve been very lucky, I’ve never played a venue with out 1200s/1210s so never encountered a problem, though I admire your professionalism in finding a solution that works for all decks.

I was fine using the platter on CDJs before I got my SCs. Going back to my old method has made it hard to use them again, but since I only play my own nights it is no issue for me!!

I have a lovely delicate touch…

The record touching was never about greese, it was about stability; sometime the bass would be trying desperately to bounce the needle out of the groove. One wrong touch and you were done, so the other methods ensured you weren’t responsible for it skipping. Needles to say, you couldn’t scratch in those clubs!!!