Help with firmware update

Hello, my name is jo, i’m new here, live in belgium

have a few years experience with vinyl, now i want to learn more about this digital material

i want to update my sc5000 en x1800

already have downloaded te new software on my computer, have formated my usb stick (3gb) what filtype i

have to use now ? (exfat ???)

what is the next step now, putting usb on my player, puting on ???

have read that the best way is to update the x1800 first, than players, how update the x1800 ? usb stick not

posible… usb cabel from pc to mixer ???

witch files i have to copy on my usb stick ? the complete file are only a few pieces ?

i hope someone can help me,

thanks, grtz jo

Hi Jo. The updates load into the players and mixers directly from your laptop or computer via a USB cable.

There is no need to transfer updates onto USB memory sticks.

Download the firmware package (both X1800 and SC5000 updates are in there). There are also PDF manuals in the package that will explain step-by-step how to update.

If there is a problem, DM me in dutch.

thank you guys, i’m gonna try this tomorow, let you know something :+1:

Hoi Reese, bedankt voor je hulp, leuk om iemand tegen te komen hier dat me in het nederlands kan helpen :grinning: dus als ik het goed begrijp moet ik de stappen in de PDF file allemaal uitvoeren, of is het enkel de firmware updaten en de rest gaat vanzelf ? mijn engels is niet altijd zo goed :joy: als ik de x1800 als eerste doe moet ik dan mijn spelers ook al aan zetten of power nog aflaten dan ? grtz jo

Hi Reese, thank you for your help, nice to meet someone here who can help me in Dutch: grinning: so if I understand correctly I have to follow the steps in the PDF file, or is it just updating the firmware and the rest goes automatically? my English is not always so good: joy: if I do the x1800 first, do I have to turn on my players or give off power then? grtz jo

I’ve DM-ed you.

(Even via berichten)