Help! tracks are not displayed in the folder but it is in collections, with video

Finally I changed the CPU of the prime and it worked again.

Now I have the following problems:

1st problem: By placing an 8GB flash drive with 3 test tracks each (.mp3) 44.1K, the first 4 creates the BD but those tracks are not displayed on the screen in the folder section, only a track without information is displayed (attached image ).

However by connecting the pendrive to the macbook pro and using the engime prime software and adding these test tracks to a collection. The songs are recognized in Prime 4 in the collections section, however, they cannot be viewed in the folders section.

2nd problem: After changing the USB + CPU board in prime 4, when turning on the prime a message appears saying “Database of (unknown) corrupted …” pressing the “ok” button works. (attached image)

Will it be possible to delete the Prime 4 CPU Database?

In these problems I am using the following devices:

  • prime 4 version 1.4.0
  • Engine prime 1.5.0
  • Pendrive 8GB, in ExFat
  • Macbook Pro TouchBar Mojave version: 10.14.6, i7, 16GB Ram

@JWiLL you help me?

Did you use Engine Prime software to export to the drive?

If yes, try deleting the Engine Library folder on the drive, then re-exporting from EP software. If no, simply delete the Engine Library folder.

I’m trying to fathom what you mean by CPU? You mean the internal SSD?

(Also, I’ll be merging the topic with the original one)

:chile: I had created another topic because 11 days had passed without response.

No, I am not using an internal ssd. :point_down: With CPU I mean change the USB Board where the processor is.


:point_down: After changing the board the prime 4 started working again, but with two problems:

  1. don’t read the songs direct from folder in prime 4.
  2. When I turn on the prime 4 machine and have no device connected, a message appears “Database of (unknown) corrupted” :point_up_2:

:point_down: The only way to play songs on prime 4 is by analyzing in software prime and tidal software, since it only reads the songs from the collections previously analyzed in software on the macbook.


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If nothing is connected, this would still be a hardware issue.

Did you replace the main-board yourself and are all internal connectors correctly connected?

You should contact DenonDJ support (again).

Yes, I replace board myself, on the other hand I am in absolute quarantine for the covid-19 in :chile:.

I have been a computer engineer for several years and have knowledge of electronics.

Also it is strange what you tell me because the machine works from the collections.

If nothing is connected, you should not get an error.

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ok, i am going to open the machine in a couple of hours and compare with the old board and you will see if there is any cable wrongly connected.

I will eat you in a couple of hours.

I mean, if you start Prime4 with no USB/SD/SSD or any other external source connected, you should not get an error.

I don’t exactly know how the internal PCB mainboard (CPU as you call it) should be connected. I assume you did replace that correctly; exactly like the previous mainboard.

Everything was connected correctly, reading other reports I wanted to try to install firmware 1.3.1 but it is not available … could someone send it to me?