Help to my prime 4

Hello everyone ! I have a problem with my new prime4, I inserted a ssd samsung evo 840 with the capacity of 512gb formatted with my mac, in ex fat everything works! but when I turn on the console I get an incompatibility message! after that I click on ok but everything works! the message says to reformat the ssd, how can I solve? can I trust myself to use the ssd? or do you recommend a different formatting method, perhaps with a windows pc?IMG_5831.HEIC (1.3 MB)

what setting is the ssd formatted too. I know you said you have it on fat32. but do you have it as well on the master boot record or on GUID Partition? try master boot if you don’t have it

but to format I have to remove it from the first 4? or can I do it with the usb cable? photo utility disk

no need to remove it,just make sure if you have music in the drive just back it up. unless you want to start it all over. just erase it an make sure the setting are right when you do

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that should do the trick

Great feedback, @Steven.V! Yes, reformatting your SSD to Fat32/Master Boot Record should do it. No need to remove your internal hard drive either!

I solved ! I have formatted with sierra, because with yosemite there is no option to choose the type of formatting, so I formatted choose master boot record fat 32! and now I no longer have the problem!

Hope you are aware of the 4gb file limit of Fat32?

When you analyse songs data gets added to engine dB file incrementally.

You could max out soon.

hello mufasa, I don’t know this limit? explain to me please!

Fat32 - has a 4gb file size limit. No single file can be more that 4gb

Engine Prime creates a dB file which grows in size every time you analyse new tracks.

You may not reach this limit with your 500gb hard drive, but it’s just something to be aware off.

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thanks mufasa for the explanation! I did an internet search! so do you advise me to format in exfat?

Hi Veleno,

Partition style as MBR and formatted as ExFAT is at the moment the best disk layout for Prime4.

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If the Prime 4 supports ExFat + MBR you should consider that.

thanks to all those who answered me

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