Help! Sudden CPU Spikes on my MC6000mk2

Hello, Been happily using MC6000mk2 for 3months with Serato. Because my laptop is old Win7 & spec is limited, I am using an older version of Serato v1.7.4. I have had literally no problems with it… Until now.

For some reason the cpu has started “hunting”. Previously the cpu monitor (top left in Serato) would hardly move, unless I used effects, then it would (naturally) rise to maybe 40%, then settle back down.

Suddenly however, even at idle with no tracks loaded or playing, it is constantly rising to like 60% & dropping back down all of its own accord, at a rate of about 4x per minute. Because of this, sound quality is really suffering, effects don’t work & my life now ■■■■■.

Seemed to start when I plugged a desktop computer into my router & Windows decided to set up a Homegroup (which I didn’t want, so I have disabled that garbage in the laptop (I am connected to that pc to record via one of the 6000’s audio master outs only)

If I open Windows Task Manager & look at cpu usage, it resembles a defibrillator.

I have a mega important gig next weekend, this is not good.

(Denon DDJ updater is saying it cant see the device (I updated the firmware as soon as I got the unit, & cant see any other available update, so don’t think this is really an issue)

Can anybody help me with this? everything worked perfectly before, should I un/re-install ASIO drivers or what? Any similar experiences out there or ideas?

Cant stress how important this gig is or how grateful I would be to find a solution…

Check the Serato forums and blogs. There are articles on how to optimize your pc for optimum performance. Some of the recommendations is to disable/turnoff unneeded aplications, etc. (like wifi, and other processes that run in the background).

This could be a Serato issue, so I would check with them as I know they’ve been updating their systems.