Help please - using laptop and Engine Prime with Prime 4

Hey all,

First post, so bear with me, and it’s a weird one.

Took delivery of my Prime 4 last week, and was so hyped, I couldn’t wait to get started. I used to DJ about 15 years ago, and then fell out of it, but am now looking to get back to something I used to absolutely love.

Then my issues started; not with the until, but with my laptop. I downloaded Engine Prime onto my work laptop, as they are pretty casual about us using them for personal stuff. Imported and analysed some tracks, plugged in my USB drive, which is where things started to go wrong.

My work laptop is protected by BitLocker, so I have to password protect my USB drive, and you guessed it, when I plug it into my Prime 4 it isn’t recognised. :frowning:

My ultimate question is that I have my music and engine prime on my laptop, so can I just use my Prime 4 in the conventional sense, as a controller, and plug it into my laptop with Engine Prime running?

I did try that via the Source but it didn’t seem to want to work.

Help - at the moment I am stuck having to use TIDAL!!

Cheers, Lee

Currently Engine Prime does not support Laptop + prime Device play.

The feature has been requested

Click on the link and like the first post. Votes count.

Is there is any features you are missing search the feature request threads, if it’s already requested add your vote by liking the original request (usually the first post in the thread).

Congrats on your Prime

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You can use Prime 4 in controller mode with Serato. The Prime 4 is official Serato gear giving you full access for usage.

Thanks Mixlive,

I have DJ Lite on my laptop, but do I need the full pro, do you know?

Cheers, Lee

Download the full Serato DJ Pro (for free)

I believe once you plug in the Prime 4 , it unlocks serato dj pro.

Worthy of note

The unlocking is not transferrable, its tied to having the P4 plugged in. Basically the Prime 4 hardware is your licence to unlock Serato DJ Pro.

It will unlock Serato DJ Pro in any computers you plug it in as well.

If you buy another controller without a full licence eg Numark DJ2GO or Pioneer SB2, those ones will only unlock Serato DJ lite.

If later you need to be ready for any possibilities eg DJing in Bar with the venues X1800, X1850 or DJM900NXS etc, then you need to by the Serato ClubKit license for Serato DJ Pro which allows full access for more supported hardware

You don’t need Serato Pro, but your Prime 4 will unlock Serato Pro for use. It’s worth checking out and it’s no additional cost to use.

Nice. I’ll take a look at that when I get home.

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