Help or clarification please

Okay, so I’m full-on Engine Prime now but my lingering question is…

I’ve got all of my songs analyzed and transferred to an external SSD. So when I download and add new music to my computer and analyze those files how do I update my external drive for use with my Prime setup? Like I don’t want all of the changes I’ve made on the external drive (updated BPM times, hot cues, etc) to be touched or affected by the ones on the computer. So how does that all work?

Also. At the same time. I DO want the files on my external drive to be updated with the prep I do on my laptop.

And I guess to be more specific. Do I have to specify the tracks to copy to the external drive (which I guess takes care of any confusion in that department) or is there some way to simply let Engine sync and update with the new files I’ve downloaded.

It’s possible I’m expecting Engine to do things it can’t?

I just don’t wanna mess up all of my work I’ve done or make things any more complicated than they have to be. haha


Soooooo the clear up my train wreck of a message. :joy:.

Do things easily sync up going back and forth from computer to drive used on sc5000s? Any tricks that are good to know to make this happen?

Ok. Better hopefully. Haha

I use the external drive, in your case a SSD, as my master. So any new songs I add to the external drive , tag, cue, loops added etc.

when done I use “free file sync” to mirror the external drive to another external drive as a copy in case somethng goes wrong. I also use the same program to mirror the external drive to my NAS as a secondary back up.

So no engine prime database on my PC.

Same to me here. I want of my all collection with me to every event not of a slice of it

Ahhhhhh gotcha! That makes total sense! Thank you for your help!!!