Help needed! Serato Crates to EP Crates!

  1. I am moving from Serato to EP.

  2. All my music is on and external drive.

  3. I cloned this drive onto an SSD drive and placed this drive in the P4 internal drive bay.

  4. I can see my serato crates, but this is where I am lost.I cannot seem to create EP crates that are the same as my Serato crates.

I can see many on here being really tech savvy, but this is really confusing. Is there a simple way this can all be done? I just want my crates the same as I have with Serato as I am still having to use my laptop in controller mode because I cannot get my crates working. Thanks for any advice.

You have to do this manually

  1. Your very first decision are you moving to Engine prime permanently?

  2. If you are still going to be using Serato simultaneously I will suggest you do your library management in serato and clone to prime 4 ssd at intervals

  3. Connect the prime 4 with its internal cloned serato disk installed to your laptop

4a. Disconnect your original Serato external drive from your laptop,

4b. Start up EP. EP desktop sees only the serato library on the connected Prime 4 SSD bay drive

  1. In EP refresh/update Serato library

  2. In Seratos parent folder (in EP) , the one that shows all tracks in the library, drag all the tracks to EP main collection

  3. Once that is complete, now drag each crate from Serato tab in EP to Collection (EP) crate or playlist

  4. Rinse and repeat till you have all your crates in EP collection crate

  5. Analyse your library

  6. Check to see your cues and loops etc made it over

  7. By doing it this way you have an exact copy of your original serato library for EP

  8. When you gig with the original serato drive and you make changes eg new crates, new cues etc - you have to repeat the entire steps starting with a fresh Serato drive to Prime 4 drive clone

  9. You also need to delete the Engine Folder in your laptop internal hard drive (nested in the MUSIC folder in macOS)

I made a feature request for a migration assistant feature for Engine prime, unfortunately it didn’t get much traction.


Hi Mufasa, this is a great help. Thanks.

However im confused with point 6 so stuck here. Clicking on “collection” and dragging has no effect. Or do you mean highlight all tracks in the main window and drag? Either way, dragging does nothing.


all the tracks in the window