Help needed IDing awesome drop that is sure to rock the dance floors!

Hello, DJs! I’ve been watching the forums for quite some time, and I love seeing the level of engagement of the community!

I need help IDing this drop from a YouTube video of a pretty cool DJ YouTuber, DJ Rick Web. Some of y’all might have seen his videos at one point or another! Very informative in the Mobile DJing arena!

Here’s the link to his video!

The time stamp is ~3:42-3:50

Once you hear it! I’m sure you would all agree that it’s a great drop! I would appreciate it if anyone can ID the drop and what track it is! Thanks!

Did you try Shazam.

You can rip the video, chop the part and Shazam

I shouldn’t think it’s good enough quality for that.

you will be surprised. i ve hummed tunes before and shazamed lol. i cant sing to save my life!

Yeah, I’ve tried Shazam with this. Unfortunately, I think it’s picking up too much of the live crowd. I’m gonna explore trying the other mics on my phone to see if it helps. I also plugged my laptop into studio monitors and wasn’t getting a result.

Have you tried contacting the DJ?

Be sure to tell the DJ that Mid-range and Treble are two other parts of music that he may wish to be aquainted with. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Right, he was recording live on a camera. So it wasn’t capturing music as much as crowd.

And I was hoping to contact Rick as a last resort. I was hoping someone here recognized the drop.

To me that seems backwards. Surely if he’s the one playing it, then he’s most likely to know what it is.

If you’d already asked him and he didn’t know/couldn’t remember etc. then is the time to ask others, IMHO.

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