Help needed dn-x 600

hi guys im having problem with my dn-x 600 mixer… up until last week everything was working fine switched it on… all the lights worked but no sound in or out not even threw the headphones…I’ve tired connecting other line in still no joy…any ideas what could be wrong

How are you using the mixer, what other gear is connected and how? Yeah, it doesn’t sound good. Also, how long do you own it?

Hi im using Technics decks connect via phono leads and auxiliary leads out for master out put…IV had the mixer roughly 2 years bought from an online shop…never had any problems with the kit

Ok, since you have it for 2 years I assume I should not tell you the basics: channel input switches set to phono and you have checked the cables/connectors from the Technics (they often go bad)?

You mentioned you tried “connecting other line”? What does that mean: you switched the phono connectors from the turntables to the other channel (and the other also) or you tested the line inputs on the mixer with a mp3/CD player?

Have you checked you haven’t enabled Standby mode?

If you have tested line inputs on the mixer and you get no sound then you have nothing more to test/troubleshoot - it needs to be profesionally serviced.