Help!’my SC5000 is broken!

I bought 2 SC5000 and within the first week I had some issues with 1 of the 2 units not reading the USB sticks. Sent it back and it was replaced with a new unit, 5 months later the second unit started to reboot and not read the USB’s and to add injury to insult the cue button stopped responding. Contacted Gear4music who arranged collection and got the unit repaired by Denon when I receive the unit a month later the platter was stuck :roll_eyes: after pressed it seemed to go back into place but now it doesn’t detect any USB it recognises the link from the other player but doesn’t play. I need some help Denon??

Hi @DJ-BigK, sorry to hear you are having these issues.

Have you been in contact with our customer services team? If so please update your customer number and I’ll follow up ASAP.

If not then please create a new ticket here and we’ll get you sorted: