Help me use Engine 1.5 for standalone mode on MCX8000

I bought the MCX8000, as many others, for having the possibility to run standalone mode through Engine. But I don’t know how to achieve this. When installing Engine on my Win10 PC, it asks for Apple Quicktime. But it seems apple quicktime is not compatible with Win10, right? At least, I got an errormessage during installation complaining about msiexec. I then try to run Engine PC software on my Win7 PC. But then I cannot use it either, because it constantly crashes and I cannot even scan 60 tracks in a row. Then my question is like this:

I can take to have no BPM info, cue points and such in my Engine backup system, since it’s just a backup system. In case of a PC crash I would like to have some music running for the audience. Can I play songs which has not been analyzed by Engine PC application through MCX8000 so I don’t need to waste my time in the Engine PC software which in my opinion constantly crashes.

If it will analyse on your pc then everything that you need in the background eg: QuickTime etc is there in place.

It’s worth trying to analyse your music in smaller batches, if that’s what your Windows and pc combo is happy to process. Once its done, it’s done.

Alternatively, it’s been said, several times now, that a future version of Engine Prime will be released with an option to save an mcx8000 version database, negating the need for Engine 1.5 with Windows.

Yes you can. Just make sure they are all 44.1khz files and media that is supported by MCX8000.

Try de-selecting the option to analyze during import and then analyzing after the tracks have been imported. See other forum posts about problems with Engine 1.5 and solutions (like deleting the Engine database folder if it becomes corrupt, etc…)

Also, check online on how to install Quicktime onto a Win10 OS. This is a little older video tutorial but might work

I appreciate your advice guys! Thanks and have a great day!