Help Me Switch to Denon

Hi all,

Been a Serato user for a very long time and I have been thinking of switching to some sc6000m’s but I have a few questions about some features of the sc6000players in standalone mode that I regularly use in Serato. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

  1. Can the browser on the sc6000 be customized to include the comment section?
  2. Can you manage the library on the sc6000 on the fly, while djing — such as adding comments, and moving songs into other playlists?
  3. What is the maximum number of songs that the browser can fit on the sc6000 screen? I spin with the browser mode on Serato giving me the maximum number of songs to view.
  4. Is there a sampler in the Denon ecosystem?
  5. Can quantize be turned off? I don’t need the player to count 1-4 for me, nor do I need any quantization. I downloaded the Desktop Denon Prime app and I noticed that cue points can’t just be placed outside of any quantization. The app made me make a beat grid and then placed cue points that were snapped to the grid. I don’t use sync or quantize or any of those features.
  6. Can you export and look at your playlist history?
  7. Can you search out of order? Can I search for “fire pitbull” and will it aggregate fireball by Pitbull? Or, do search tearms have to be exact?

Thank you in advance!!! I know it would be best to just give them a whirl but IDK anyone locally that uses these, and $4,000 is a lot of money to try something out, just to possibly deal with a return process.

  1. Not at this time
  2. You can create and add songs to playlists, but no tagging currently.
  3. That’s a good question actually, never counted.
  4. Not directly from Denon, but from another InMusic brand… Akai Force
  5. Yes
  6. Yes
  7. Yes
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Yes, in the settings and also on the fly on the hardware, there is a icon for it above the track title

I think so…dont quote me…vino

yes there is fuzzy search.

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Thank you both kindly. Another question I forgot to ask,

Is there a date added field in the browser? I tend to look at crates sorted by latest added so I can focus on newer music in my library.


Engine prime yes

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Thank you Mufasa. Looks like the comment section is the only thing I am missing out on. :slight_smile:

I think they work with serato as well. Best of both worlds. I really like engine prime though to prepare music.

Keep in mind Engine Prime is prehistoric compared to Serato and any other music library management software you’ve ever used.

If I were you, I would 1. comb through the entire feature request list so you know everything that is currently missing and 2. go through the bugs/issue report sections so you know all of the potential issues you may encounter.

Thank you. Good advice. I gave up on watching YouTube videos that don’t really address my questions, and now I’m lurking this forum. Lol

I’ll add one more advice:

You don’t need to wait for the decks to get started. Download EP and start your migration and get your music Denon ready.

The decks are great but you’re going to pull your hair a lot using the Engine software to manage your music.

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I just wish EP picked up on any track adjustments you make between folders on your external harddrive :sob: :sob: :sob: I haven’t updated my library organization since getting these almost three years ago because of this.

Ductape - I was going to list some popular feature requests, but there are too many good ones. I am going to emphasize again to check out the feature request page; although a lot of basic stuff is missing, Denon hasn’t proved to be heading in any direction other than the right direction when it comes to updates. There are still quite a few basic things that should be implemented, but deep down I have faith it will all work out.

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Thanks Shain,

I did download engine prime. It seemed straightforward. I was struggling with dropping cue points off the beat grid, as they snapped to the grid. Not a grid fan. I should spend more time with it.

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