Help! Denon sc2900/traktor

good morning I’m Dj El Santo - Italy. I’m going crazy how to set the mapping of 2 cdj denon sc2900 with traktor pro. My configuration: Mixer xone px 5 as main board of audio device / Midi 2 controller cdj sc2900, I imported the TSI files from the denon website and so far everything is ok. How should the IN-PORT and OUT-PORT be set in the controller manager? I tried to set them both on All-PORT and observe the commands and audio in the traktor, but after an hour of mixing the audio stopped and no more signal came to the mixer, but the cdj worked in all its commands. Then I tried to set the IN / OUT-PORT by selecting sc2900 for each and the recorded cdjs, but every time I turn the traktor off and on, a cdj does not go, I have to reset it every time. I saw a video of DJ semi that set them IN / OUT port both ALL PORT, can someone help me solve the problem? Someone to better and more reliable tsi midi maps. That of the site is quite complete, the text for the text I tried to install it but from latency problems and various blocks. I hope you can help me have a reliable setup, thanks