Hello from the Netherlandssss


I am Erikjan from the Netherlands. 34 years old. i have started dj-ing in the bedroom with vinyl when i was 20 years old. only hardstyle. later i have spin records in a couple of clubs. organised some dj parties. won a dj contest. later on i sold my vinyl collection and players. then a bouncer of a club who was a bar owner asked if i want to play music in his bar (edm and moombahton). i did that for 2 years. then i quit because i lost the fun and i became father. couple of years later now…i made a dj booth in my man cave with the old gear (pioneer djm850 + 2x CDJ1000mk3. i got enthusiastic again when i mixed some tracks. but i hate burning cds all the time and the cdsplayers where old. i saw the prime 4 and i really liked it. price was good to. so i sold the pioneer stuff and got the prime 4 now for 1 month. i really like it, but i can learn so much more from the system and from the forum. when im good with the system and after corona im gonna play in a bar/club again (hopefully)

Setup now at home:

  • Denon DJ prime 4
  • monitorset: Syrincs M3-220 DT (the set is awesome, love it!!)
  • headphone: Sennheiser HD-25 adidas edition

old setup:

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Welcome to the Denon forum. Great choice you did, I start now to djing after 12 years of absent (father too). Prime 4 is a an amazing device for performance and play good music.

Hello Erikjan, welcome to the forum. Nice to see more djs coming here from Netherlands :slight_smile: :netherlands:


That slanted roof looks like the space i was allocated at home as well.

I’m 6’2" and i have bumped my head a good few times.

Watch the head

Welcome Erikjan,

I’m new here myself, and completely new to the DJ art. I can’t help but pointing out that you probably forgot to mention the foundation of your setup, isn’t those chests of drawers from IKEA? :smiley:

You probably already figured out that I’m a swede by now.

PS Great HW choice.

Thanks, I’m 6’3" and sometimes i bump my head but no big problem

Hi @EJAY uit Overijssel, welcome to the forum!

Prime4 looks better than the radioactive waste it was before. :wink:

Enjoy and if you seek any help, you’ll notice some of those members already replied to you here.

Superb choice but I have to warn you you might get addicted… Have fun and congratulations…

Yes it is really addicted. Still discovering functions and effects. Thanks!

Ah ok, so when you asked for a mixer which gave you plenty of headroom …

Welcome to the forum

Just put some of this on the roof…