Hello from the beautiful Belgium


I’m a Dj from Belgium and my Dj name is Dj Edwin. I’m an allround mobile dj and play almost weekly at weddings, staff / theme / pool / home parties, …

My favourite genre is Retro House from the years 1992 till 1998 but I play everything the people wants. Usually I play 5 till 7 hours during sets.

I’m really proud and happy about my 2 Denon Prime sc5000’s and my Denon X1800. The best I’ve ever played on and I’m already 22 years in the job. I love it

Welcome to the forum.

I feel the same way about the Primes, like the industry offerings were stagnant for the last few years as there were few ways of using a hard drive with tunes on, without just defaulting to some DJ software and a MIDI controller. Thankfully, that range of limited options has been smashed by the Primes.

Yes that’s absolutely my feeling as well. But the way Denon did it, is really great. I will not play on anything else anymore. It feels like there are no bounderies on the set. Everytime I discover something new and that helps me to become even more creative.

I only think Engin Prime needs some updates to make it even greater. The external harddrive which can’t be found is a problem many people are struggling with. Also the fact that everything we made in Rekordbox (cue points, loops, beatgrids, …) can’t be copied directly in Engin Prime. The BPM is not always correct but who needs BPM after all. My overall feeling is a very great experience.

But hey Rome and Paris weren’t also build on 1 day.

Thanx Denon

Yes, it would be nice if that wasn’t a problem, which it is…

…at the moment.