Hello from Switzerland

Hello everybody. I’m from Switzerland and I started as a DJ in the 90ies. I first had a Denon 2000F and with that player I had my first and most important steps in my career. Later I had other equipment (Pioneer and Numark). I was disappointet with the evolution of the equipment and did not like to use a computer for Djing. Because I saw no alternative I got a controller and still have that one. It was so far the best and most flexible equipment but still - I hate the need of the computer. Then I saw the SC5000 that seems to be the best player on the market in a long time. Finally a player with really new features and with the 2 layers you always have a backup-plan for the worst case.

Since I don’t only work as a DJ but also make other events (theater, concerts, …) I see the new Denon player as a powerful tool for all these applications. I’m looking forward to see the the change in the world of records.