Hello from Leeds (UK)

Just thought I’d say a quick hello and introduce myself.

Just received the Prime 4 today and alls I can say is wow! Used to DJ around 20 years ago on vinyl and hadn’t understood the idea of DJing with today’s latest tech. After numerous researches i chose the prime over the Pinoeer XDJ-XZ and feel happy with my purchase. Can’t believe how easy it is to mix compared to vinyl haha!



Hi Closey1200 - welcome along for the ride.

Yes the Prime 4 is great fun to use.

Welcome to the forum, mate - congrats on the purchase of your Prime 4.

Thanks for the warm welcome. Out of curiosity how long have you guys been using Denon products and what are you currently using?

I’ve been using Denon since the 2500F twin CD player in the 90s. Currently using a Prime 4, which I bought in June.

Same here. My first Denon to own was also the 2500F, but before that I’ve played with the 4000F and 2600F in the main room at the local disco (and the 2000F in smaller areas).

Currently SC6000’s and SC5000’s. Prime2 still sometimes as well. Prime4 when it was released.

Nice! some loyal fans. Reese - The SC6000’s look great. Do you hook them up the the Prime mixer?

Hello Stephen, Welcome to the forum, Great to hear that You enjoy Your Prime 4.

I was using a lot gear, by my first Denon Decks were DN-S3000 and 5000. Totally loved them. Later on I had some older dual decks and single decks. Also tried many other brands and since 2017, again only Denon decks at my house and on the events.


Hi NoiseRiser.

Nice one!. Have you ever used the Pioneer products? It seems everyone cant escape that brands echo system esp since they’re set as standard in all the latest clubs and festivals, all the big named dj’s and performers seem to be still using them.

I did, I owned couple of setups (CDJ2000 nexus 1 and 2, DJM 900 NXS also 1 and 2, DJM 2000 nexus). CDJ’s 2000 Nexus 2 for a very short moment after I bought the SC5000’s in almost same time, but pioneers were mostly later on sitting in a case… Nothing really superior or even impressing. I used the CDJ’s mostly as Traktor controllers due to their limitations. Denon setup got me free from the macbook/traktor usage. Just still missing sampling in a way the remix decks are working with 2 normal traktor decks, but that’s a different story. I like also the Full metal front plate of the SC players. They are way more sturdy than flimsy pioneer plastic. Also the jog wheels are way better (aluminum) not plastic noisy grinding like CDJ’s have. I am definitely not looking back to CDJ’s at all. Even since beginning of 2019 I always had Prime setup provided on all my gigs. The booking agency I am in took a good care of this, that my rider was always fulfilled - worst case scenario was a DJM mixer, but always Prime decks. In general I am very happy with Prime’s and now I am aiming to upgrade from SC5000 to 6000’s (all 4 decks).

Yes of course. Using a X1850 now, but I have the X1800 as well.

I have never used Pioneer CDJ’s - I went straight from SL1210’s to SC5000’s. I did use their mixers though, but never liked the CDJ’s - look too much like toys to me - expensive toys at that!

Just checked out your Instagram. Can see you love your Denons haha! What a cool setup. Looks like you’ve established yourself in your career, well done!! I must agree, the Pioneers still look like a fisher price product and very plastic. Don’t think I’ll be upgrading my Prime any time soon though but those 6000’s look a beast of a machine.

Happy New Year mate!!

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I want to upgrade to SC6000’s now ASAP. Thank You andHappy New Year to You too

Ha! Same here mate, straight from Technics to the Prime 4. The pitch shift even feels like a technics which I love.

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to you too.

Leeds, Leeds Leeds! Welcome :slight_smile:

Yesss mate! Leeds Leeds Leeds :ok_hand:t2: