Hello from East Germany

I used to be a DJ. East Germany, forgotten town, dark basement, a single strobe light, techno… you know how it was. In 2006 I gave it all up because I became a dad and wanted to be serious (besides I thought I was too old). I sold all vinyl because I needed money and space.

Because of Covid-19 I watched a lot of DJ livestreams on Youtube and found out that you can still DJ as an old man (40+) :wink:. Suddenly I felt like it again.

I´m now a bedroom DJ and it´s great fun. I have no desire to play in the club again. Where I come from, there are no clubs anymore and nobody listens to trance or techno (old people at most). Besides, I am tired from work in the evening. :zzz:

I never wanted to buy media players (was happy with my Xone K2s) until I saw the SC6000M. The idea of feeling “vinyl” under my fingers again, without having to (re)buy records, caught me… Now I am waiting for the delivery… waiting … waiting …


45 and still having fun. :innocent:


54 and still gigging although not since March. You’re never too old.

The SC6000M look fantastic if you ever get them.


Haha, the youngsters are in the house :smiley:


50 in January :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I never thought it would evolve like this. I had always assumed that we would be replaced by young people at some point…

I had completely left the scene around 2006 and never looked back. You wouldn’t believe how amazed I was when I saw the same people again on YouTube in 2020… meanwhile old(er)… still behind the decks.

All the people who were famous in Techno and Trance are still there. Fascinating.

I would have bet that at least techno is completely dead (back at 2006!)

Thanks for the nice welcome!

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Hey there Jeorg, welcome! This music shaped all of us. I’ll be grooving to all kinds of offensively loud and banging music in a retirement home. Time won’t rinse that away. Techno’s doing fine.

Around my way, even soundsystem parties in the woods are having a little resurgence in the last few years.

That sounds great. I would gladly live in the same retirement home as you. :wink:

In my youth we always tried to be different. Techno, Punk, Rammstein - we did everything to ■■■■ off the “older people”. :joy: :see_no_evil:

Today I look at my teenage daughter and miss this rebellious thing. The teenagers are so adapted. Charts music, commercially shaped… I’d be happy if she would listen to some hyper modern kick-ass music that would blow my head off. Sometimes I have the impression, the older people are the rebels, the young people should be.

True. Although there is always an underground, the growth of social media has taken something away - when you are always videoing or being videoed to “create” a moment, you can miss out on selflessly being “in the moment” There’s a great moment at 54:30 in Everybody in the place that shows what changed. (It’s a great social history of UK Acid House)

Hello from Germany/Berlin :-), 49 yr, infected with techno virus in early 90s, then after almost 20 years break from electronic music and busy with work & family, I was re-infected with electronic music on Berlin Summer Rave in 2015 (my idol Steve Mason was there!), also started to go to Techno clubs again (not as DJ, only for party), then came across how cool modern dj players are at PioneerDJ Alpha in Lübeck last year, and from there it took only 6 months, 2x CDJ 350 and now 2x XDJ 1000MK2 to make me (almost) happy.

However, I don’t like the touch screens of those XDJs because of no haptic feedback for any of the performance functions like HotCue or Double/Half Loop etc.

Will check out SC6000 once available for sure.

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I felt the same way regarding midi controllers and - since the SC6000 M came out - for media players too.

Although I have always liked Vinly from the usability point of view (haptic feedback), I don’t miss all the disadvantages: carrying record boxes, expensive, meanwhile inconvenient to buy, skipping records, cracking…

The modern media players on the other hand are really cool. I admit, I LOVE Sync, because I can concentrate much more on mixing and music. More fun, less hectic and technically much better and longer transitions. I know, many people don’t appreciate that but I don’t care. I don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore.

Also nice about SC6000 (and other players): streaming services. I’ve wanted to dive into Drum&Bass for ages. Now I don’t have to spend hundreds of Euros for tracks - thanks to streaming I can just start playing. I would have needed that twenty years ago, really.