Hello again from Leeds

Hi! Just a quick hello from me to all on this forum :slight_smile:

10+ year Traktor fan boy set in my ways in the digital DJ format. I enjoying playing vinyl and I’ve owned the odd pair of Pioneers over the years.

I’ve been waiting and promised myself I’d get the newer Pioneers whenever they were released - which turned out to be the 3000’s. As soon as they were and I’d read the reviews and comparisons to the SC6000 (I’d never even knew the SC6000 existed). I was won over by the feature set and obviously the price of the 6000’s so I made the leap.

After 3 months of waiting the pair finally arrived this week. I’m not gonna lie, I came close to cancelling the order as it was quite simply a ■■■■ take having to wait this long with minimal updates from Denon.

I’ll be keeping tabs on the forum regularly to ensure I am getting the best out of the products, picking up any tips along the way and of course mentioning any niggles.

Take it easy & stay safe.


Welcome mate, great place you live there :wink: