Headphone X1800

Hi there Recently I have been noticing the cue headphone sound sounds muffled in the x1800. I have tried using different headphones, the problem generally happens when we have the sound quite loud. As a result it becomes impossible to hear the tracks and beat match. Has anyone experienced this?


Did You tried with different headphones? Check also headphones settings in the utility menu. Maybe there is limitation set on…?

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To rule out some funky sw issue, do a factory reset; if that doesn’t solve it, it might be hardware related.

I am not sure how the inside of the mixer is wired but do you have the same result using both headphone ports? (1/4 jack and the other one)

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Yes I believe he did.

I’m gonna try the smaller headphone jack And tweak the utility Did a gig over the weekend and same thing sometimes works well and then does same muffled thing I’ll keep you posted

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