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Hi, Just took delivery of My New Prime 2 Yesterday and I’m enjoying it as I’m completely new to Digital set ups. I’m coming to this after a long absence from Turntables.

The question I want to know as I cant seem to find it anywhere is…If i want to mix late at night when rest of household is in bed (so through heaphones) I can’t figure out how to use the split cues properly. So when i want to hear what would be coming through the speakers (or what audience would hear) what buttons should be illuminated or on? Also can’t seem to find which button combo gives me deck 1 in one ear and deck 2 in the other. Any help appreciated.

Split cue =

  • Master Output in one ear,

  • Channel A or B or Both in Another ear

Page 9 of the manual

Just use the Master/cue Mixing knob, set it to the master when Split cue is off, You will hear the same as the main output. If You will have a single CUE active on one of the channels, by turning the headphones master/cue knob to the cue - You will hear only the selected channel. By setting that knob in between You can monitor what is happening between single channel and master. Or like @mufasa wrote - use split cue.

Ok. What does the Knob below the Master Cue do? And if i want to hear main output through headphones should any of the buttons Cue/Split be illuminated? ie on?

Page 9

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Subtle :slight_smile:

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i think i’ve figured it out. Master Knob all the way to the right is what i would hear through speakers and all the way to the left is the Cue’d track whichever one is pressed, and the split cue would let me hear both in separate earphones. Correct?

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If they designed it right, yep.

I have no clue what the plit cue button is intended for, currently consider it redundant.