Headphone cue buttons


Gonna have to return it :frowning:

Poor cue buttons on the Denon Dj Prime x18000 mixer

My cue buttons on x1800 are all still like as they were when New and I use it at home during week and out mobile at weekends 3 days


Lucky you.

I can only guess or at least hope that the problem only exists with a small batch of mixers that perhaps had some defects from the factory.


Well I think I’m happy too. Using the mixer for over a year now. No CUE button defects. I did have an analog audio issue in the beginning, but got a new mixer back then.


What’s going on with this? Can someone demonstrate that the Prime series has the same button design as the all-in-ones? That’s the claim of this youtube video:


The video doesn’t show any prime unit only the 8000. The buttons shown definitely ain’t Prime buttons


The next time someone takes an SC5000 apart to lube the wheel or whatever or gets the X1800 cue buttons replaced, they need to make a video debunking that, then.


Update on this:

3 Channels have failed again. They will require sending back for repair.

Leading to a total of 6 buttons failing with the first 12 months of 2 nights/week use in a Club.