Headphone cue buttons

The Four headphone cue buttons seem to be getting loose after 4 months use is anyone else finding this to be the case ? mines are working there way loose pretty worrying rattle when you press them


No, mine are still snug like-new.

same Problem with mine. But just Channel 2 & 3

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Obviously from the point of view that even after a week of asking, only one other user has mentioned a similar observation, this isnt a commonly repeating or widespread behaviour of the mixer.

As your mixer is still in warranty, then of course you can have it looked at under warranty.

Mines starting to rattle like a cheap key board they should be solid buttons for the price the mixer cost.

Here is a video of my loose cue buttons which are getting harder to engage is this normal ?

can’t upload a video tries to use upload link no luck ?

Hey everybody,

Sorry you are having trouble with that! I’ve reached out to you outside of the community via the email addresses you have used to register here. Look out for my contact and we’ll be happy to assist you both!

Then indeed consider having your particular mixer looked at under warranty. As long as there’s no evidence of warranty exclusions, such as something falling on the mixer, water damage etc etc, then it’ll be covered. You’re good to go.

Hi Gee Already had to send both of my sc5000’s back under warranty and one replacement as it’s screen wouldn’t work now have no sc5000’s till two more come will have to return the mixer to in time as the cue buttons are getting looser. Gutted as I love my denon dj setup hopefully all will be sorted for the weekend as I have 3 gigs

Having owned the X1800 for less than a month. Two cue buttons have now “fallen” through and no longer sit snug as they are supposed to.

Inititally the 3rd channel “fell” and it was assumed a large object or force had struck the button. I checked all other channels are they were solid as expected. Last night however the 2nd channel’s cue “fell” through. I know this button to be solid only last week so believe there is either a slight manufacture issue or this unit itself requires attention.

Either way, will be sending back for a replacement. Pain at this time of year however.

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Just to be curious. Did you guys treat the cue buttons gently or like play-pause buttons?

Mine still feel brand new and are still clicking. To be honest I only play at home and I have the unit since the end of summer.

My initial assessment when the first button died was that a large impact of “eventful” DJ had been a little agressive. However it happened to another DJ last night and I know for a fact he is not one to mis-use gear or treat it badly.

The buttons felt absolutely 100% to me Boxing day so can only assume there is a small part failure from a dodgy batch.

I should probably also mention that the gear is permanent in the club and stored with deck-savers anytime when not in use.

Update: Now lost the the 4th channel cue aswell. Which means 3/4 of these buttons have failed within a month :frowning:

When under warranty why don’t you send it in for repair ?

Because of the time of year and distance to nearest Denon authorised seller. Would take longer than the time to next gig to replace the unit.

Will be sent back 2nd week of Jan.

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Your wild crazy theory is transparent hater trolling. The button on the Primes are of complete different mechanisms and electronics to what is insideand under the buttons of the MC ranges. So it do not mean that if one model has buttons that only can take a certain time of hard smashing that different models years later can all be described same

Stop trying to hijacks old old posts with no sense trash talk almost a year late on from the first post.


and btw… every button of the whole world have a average span of lifetime… so who cares about now ? …

Only had my x1800 for over 24 hours and already the channel 3 cue button is becoming loose and not sitting right.

I’m gutted.

Clearly there is a problem Denon :frowning:

I just got the X1800. I haven’t used the cue button yet, I better check that out. Ive been djing with just the BPM. The only thing I have spotted is that it seems my 12 o clock indicator on the hardware color FX knob does not appear to be at 12 o clock it seems slightly off visually. Could be my eyes though. Time to go to Specsavers