HC4500: MIDI-out from the usb port?

I posted a thread here with a question about the x500, which led me to the hc4500. it’s an audio interface, designed to be used with a laptop, and what i really need is a standalone mixer with midi-out. the hc4500 can do it if i can get midi-out from that usb port, without going through a laptop. will a simple USB-midi cable do this? or does the hc4500 need to interface with a full computer & load its drivers before it does anything?

The HC4500 is purely a controller/soundcard that interfaces with laptop based DJ software and music.

The standalone hard drive version you are actually describing is the old HC2500 which can be daisy chained to a USB2.1 hub and a chain of 120 gig hard drives. With firmware updates a hc2500 can also become a laptop controller.

All this is old technology with no real support anymore for mac or windows 10 operating systems. . I love it because I’m still on windows 7.

If you’ve got a spare £600, you’d be better off having a look at a modern controller with standalone facilities.

i haven’t been able to find anything else that does what i need. i need post-mixing, crossfading, and midi out for the faders. i haven’t found any other mixer besides the x500 that does post mixing, so if i used another one i would have to plug it into a regular mixer. it’s clunky, and expensive, and both mixers would need to have midi-out. the x1800 prime does almost everything… the midi looks like it won’t work for my needs, and there’s no post mixing. if you know of a mixer that can do those, i’d like to know about it.