Having trouble importing iTunes playlists into Engine Prime

Hey guys,

Having a few issues importing bulk playlists from iTunes (folders, subfolders, playlists) into Engine Prime. Doing the usual “drag and drop” from iTunes to Engine Prime Playlists however after all processing is done, very few folders, playlists have been successfully imported.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Not super keen with the idea of doing individual playlists as I manage all my music with iTunes still and it would be a pain to keep track of what’s changed in different playlists all the time to clone the changes on Engine Prime…

Thanks in advance.

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Yes I would like best advice re this too please?

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HI @EddyMac, at the moment you need to import each playlist individually. We know this can be a big task for those with large libraries and the dev team are aware and looking at ways to improve this process.

Regards J

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Cheers J, hopefully this functionality will be implemented soon. I have too many playlists lol

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