Having Sc5000 Problems

Bought 1 Sc5000 about 6 weeks ago and after using it for over an hour i notice a few problems starting to happen. The big problem is when Layer A is playing and im mixing layer B the tempo on layer A starts to slow down. I turned on sync and the same thing happens. If i nudge the platter of the track on layer B the track on layer A slows down. Next problem was adjusting the beat grid on the fly. The track on the other layer that was playing started to stutter for about 5 seconds. Last problem was when loading a track the artwork on the middle of the platter. Not a big problem but annoying. Could it be a software? Any ideas? Didnt expect problems like this from a top of the range player.

Try it all with a faster/better usb stick

Thanks for the reply. Currently using a SanDisk Ultra Flair 3.0 drive. Anyone got any suggestions for a faster flash drive?

speed shouldn’t be an issue unless you would be using a defect/very crappy USB drive, an average 20MB song ill be loaded in a few seconds even wih a USB 2.0 drive.

Sandisk Ultraflair is a good quality, so again the issue will not be caused by the USB drive, imho

Well just bought an SSD drive and the exaxtly the same is happening. Feels like the processor can’t handle the both layers at the same time. Looks like i will have to contact Denon.

Yes definitely! This is a defect.

is this happening each time @JamieW i.e. can you repeat this issue and record it on video?

Uploading: 2160_30_35.82_Dec102018_05.mp4…

I would suggest contacting technical support as this sounds like it could be a default https://denondj.com/support

My first SC5000 unit had problems similar to this. Denon replaced it and the new unit is fine.

Thanks for your replies. Ive just emailed technical support.

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