Have to return my OTHER SC5000 deck due to the screen dying

Since I cannot edit or reply to my other thread below for some reason I have to start a new one. Also the lack of participation on this forum is starting to scare me a bit.

So my other deck has to go back now too. Got my replacement deck today for the one with the issue described in my other thread, hooked it up and went to test everything out, now my other original deck’s screen is dead so it too is now a brick after about three weeks of minor home use. Are there manufacturing batch issues with these things or what??

I suspect the Denon corporate folks are on holiday break but I think I’m owed some follow up on this ASAP. One faulty deck I can forgive because I understand manufacturing defects happen, but both?

agree lot of people have issues with prime lately… No problem on my side since one years. I did not understand what do you want ?

I want to understand if my situation (both decks catastrophically failing in a couple of weeks) is an extreme outlier and bad luck, or do I have to worry about these things breaking again down the road, so feedback from the community and Denon would be helpful. I really like the gear when it works, the X1800 mixer has been great so far, and I’ve been a longtime fan of Denon DJ (I owned CDJs and a mixer 10+ years back) so I want to trust that I made the right decision to go with a Prime setup vs. Pioneer. If they’re pitching these as serious professional kit then they have to work every time I turn them on.


I had issues with one screen as well. It did not turn on - everything was functional but screen was black. This happened after the deck not being able to shut down by pressing the power button.

I experienced that pressing the power button for like 10 seconds would “fix” the issue - next time it would turn on and work fine. But this has happened to me like 3 times, so there is something obviously wrong.

What the user wants is clear and easy to understand: we want not only functional players (defective players is understandable as long as Denon replaces them - siht happens and we are all human) but also Denon being more receptive in the forum, so that some issues that these great players have can be fixed and we’ll have a fully functional and satisfactory piece of DJ gear to choose from and can forget of Pioneer stuff, which offer less functionality, or software systems, that have their issues.

For some of us the system may be perfect as it is. For others (like me) it is far better that the competitor in some regards but the lack of some features such as better library management, search by comment, year or record label, pc link or traktor integration refrain me from fully get into them.

And we’d like to see a bit more of activity in the forums to have some “hope” that Denon is listening and will improve.

Thank you.

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Mate you are really new in this forum and denon is seriously present in this sub no worries it’s Christmas vacation and Namm 2019 is coming very soon


Of the six units that have been in my possession, none of them had screen problems. One just simply froze on startup once and wouldn’t get past the initial splash screen no matter how many times it was booted. That unit got replaced.

Maybe other users can chime in so you and the rest of us can get a sense how often this is occuring.

Do you put these in cases and travel a lot with them?


Thanks, that’s good info. How long have you had the decks and how long did it take for the bad one to freeze up?

Both of mine went bad within three weeks of casual home use (one with a dead screen, the other’s control surfaces, jog, sliders and buttons all stopped working). I don’t move my gear around because this is mainly a hobby for me but I’d be curious to here from others to see if traveling with these seems to correlate with increased failures like this.

I’ve had the non-Ms 8 or 9 months. The single SC5000 non-M that wouldn’t boot completely did that at about the 1.5 months point. It was right next to a portable AC unit I’d just gotten, so I figured it was probably condensation-related, but that’s entirely a guess.

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Hi @inertiamonster

Please be kind enough to advise when and from where you purchased your first SC5000, and the second one too. I will personally address this matter and work with our Tech Support team also. As an assurance, we don’t have a screen issue with the SC5000 unit, so we’d need to investigate thoroughly why such an issue should happen in two instances to yourself.

In the meantime, please accept my apologies for the inconvenience you are experiencing. Best Paul D.

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Both were purchased at the same time from Guitar Center in Katy, Texas on November 30th, but the units themselves came from one of their stores in Illinois. The first unit with the malfunctioning control surfaces was returned on December 24th, and the second with the dead touch screen was returned a few days later on December 28th. Both were handled as defective returns so I’d imagine that store has setup RAs to have them sent back to you.

Thanks for replying - I’ll look into this and get back to you.