Has anyone found skins specific to the SC5000M

I’ve been looking around the ol internet and I seem to only come up with skins for the sc5000, and nobody seems to say if they will work for the M. Has anyone else had any luck with this?

Thanks, J

One shop in Germany has 'em.

I see from what fibric posted they are all the regular SC5000’s. IF they are the same skins for both the 5000 & the M, check out “12 inch skinz” (link below). They have a real pic of the product applied for you to see also. I was contemplating getting the white but with the white mixer knobs added, it just cost more than I was willing to pay or thought was worth for the 3 units.


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Thanks Shain, looks like it is just normal sc5000 skins for the M as well.

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