Hard drives for use with engine

hi guys I know this has been talked to death but I’m looking for a little clarification. ok so I have a 1tb SSHD drive in a cheap little star tech caddy, it’s formatted to fat 32 with GPT partition table, none of the files have been loaded via engine they are just a basic back up of my normal music folder. this drive I can plug into the mcx and it works fine I can play tracks from it with no issues, I also have a 128gb Kingston flash drive, fat32 loaded via engine and this also works fine. now I want to upgrade the 1tb drive and as I have a 2tb Toshiba portable drive hanging around I thought I would use that. I have tried all manor to get it to work, reformatted it 5 times so far as fat32, I’ve tried MBR & GPT format types and all I keep getting from the mcx is unsupported drive (not sure if I’m doing something wrong during the format) but I’ve been working with pc’s for a long time.

now my main gig ,machine is a 2015 MacBook Pro and I use a lacie 2tb thunderbolt/usb 3 drive formatted as HFS+, after I finished work tonight I decided to try and plug that into the mcx and it read it and allowed me to load & play files (again files are not loaded via engine) but neither engine 1.5.2 or prime 1.2.2 will recognise the hfs+ formatted drives and says they are incompatible with the MCX-8000. as my main computer at home and all my gig laptops are Mac HFS+ would make sense to me for running drives.

so my question is there any known compatabilty issues with Toshiba portable drives and the mcx? and if I can’t get it to work as a fat32 format does the mcx support HFS+? (I’ve seen somewhere it does along with fat16/fat32) as this maybe my only option. it would of course would be nice if engine would support HFS+ drives in the future for use with the MCX.

just to put this to bed, it turns out disc utility in Mac OS-X gives an option to format is ms-dos, it turns out it actually formats in fat 32 and such drives work with the mcx.