Happy except firmware updating error and Sync trapping me in a dead-end

My two beauty decks arrived today and the mixer also, which surprised me as I was told that the mixer would arrive several days later. So I have all three Prime units connected with networks cables.

Im delighted with everything so far. If nothing new changed for them ever and I simply got what nothing more that what I paid out for, then Im all good.

Two things I have for saying is that firstly the update to 1.2 firmwares is a somewhat quirky. On the computer screen the updater program says that the connected device is completely programmed almost instantly when it hasnt had any time to program at alls. I dont know if these models can be BRICKED but telling people that the programming has completed when it actually has not could get responsible.

The other thing might just be me as I’ve only had them unboxed and working for 8 hours now. But I can get into a situation on both decks where neither Pitch fader will make the track pitch % numbers change. I use the Sync and master buttons and the second deck jumps to the BPM of the first deck but sometimes even although the green up or down arrow LED is shining above or below the pitch fader, when I move the pitch fader to the max in that direction, the pitch numbers will NOT reconnect the pitch fader movements - it seems only random hitting of all sort of buttons gets out of this trapment.

All ideas welcome - how long to Denon DJ to respond here?

I had problems updating using Windows 7 because at least in the two updates back, the SC5000 drivers were not compatible with that OS. No issues using a friend’s mac to do it. I also had issues with updating the X1800 where it would do something similar to what you mention. Another part of the installer had to be run independently first and then the main one run again. Perhaps these can be of some help to you:


you replied for the sake of reply ? you’re speaking of a different thing completely.

to be clear on my seeing. My SC5000 Primes both took their firmwares fine but the updater software on Windows PC told me the device was completed updated with the new firmwares even before the windows PC programme had even started to feed the SC5000 with any firmwares. The message was premature but when I left it long time to finish the bar to 100% the firmwares was complete.

My BIG BIG operational bug is the DEAD-END that using the Sync features gets me in to. This is as I mention above - The green LED up arrow or down arrow appears at one end of the pitch fader but I cant re-connect the pitch fader to the pitch % numbers, even when I move the pitch fader ALL the way to max then ALL the way to min… it just wont re-connect.

I never had this problem with the pitch fader. It always picks up when I move it far enough. Did you try manually adjusting the pitch bend range (20%,50%,100%)? It really should pick up then.

Also, adjusting the pitch only works on the deck which is sync master.

NOWHERE in your post did you say that your units eventually completed the update successfully. I was telling you about another instance where the updater says the same thing, that they have successfully updated too quickly. How is that not constructive?

I Mentioned the firmwares 1.2 - thatsthe firmware for the sc5000. You started talking about the mixer which is different firmwares to the 1.2 so your

Being clear , the sc5000 Primes are both full update on firmwares 1.2 but the updating software for windows gave me a message of “device updated” just a fees seconds after I started running the updating software. I think the updating software is wrong and perhaps gives the “finished - all done” message on the computer screen when it should be showing a “starting to update” message.

Hi Did you ever get to the bottom of this issue with the pitch fader not adjusting the numbers ? I had the same issue only yesterday and im looking for an answer.

You’re the only person who’s replied to the pitch slider problem. It is as nasty problem as it is a real show stopper problem. I have tried to write down steps to repeat the problem but there seems of no repeatable pattern of steps to get the fault to show itself although it is happens several times per show.

I very disappointed on the zero response for Denon DJ on this but when I reading through the forum I see they have to fix MC8000 firmwares then Prime Hot Cue firmwares. When those two fixes completed they will resume answering new questions.