Happy about coming back to Denon

Hi. I’m Mike. I have been a mobile DJ for a long time. I started out with Denon gear back in the day X500, MC6000, MX6000MK2. I ended up moving over to Pioneer gear, but honestly, since the SX2, they haven’t really done anything exciting. The XDJ-RX and RX2 are a cool concept, but I found them to be cumbersome to work with. A DJ friend of mine bought a PRIME 4 from Denon and I had the chance to mess around with it for about half an hour and I’m SOLD! I prefer something a little smaller and lighter, so I’m going to pre-order a PRIME 2. The Go is a cute little unit, but I prefer the IEC connection on the PRIME 2 and unless the battery is user-replaceable on the Go, I’d be a little nervous using that as my main unit. It would make one heck of a backup unit though. Anyway, I started messing around with Engine Prime 1.4 and I like it. I know a lot of people say the software isn’t great, but I find it to be very straight-forward and user-friendly. I was truly floored at how much better the PRIME deck was for navigating through things over the pioneer. I think Denon has a real winner in the PRIME series and I’m excited to join the “family”.


Welcome to Denon Djs :+1:t3::headphones::sunglasses:

Welcome to the Prime family Mike. You are in a very similar situation as I was in the days when it was cdjnexus 2 or SC5000. I went to the prime tribe and no regrets, the gear is great, software is easy and simple, but still developing, so keep an eye on what is going on. Recently Denon is speeding up the game, so we can expect not only Engine prime improvements but also the OS that runs on the hardware is also still evolving and getting new features every now and then. Cheers Mike Stepien

Don’t get your hopes on up on the Prime 2 being much smaller than the 4. It’s only three inches narrower than the Prime 4. Also be sure you’re aware what you’re giving up to save a few hundred bucks.

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