Had to return one of my SC5000 decks due to all controls turning off during use

I’ve already returned it and ordered a replacement but I was curious if the issue I was having has come up before?

About 3 weeks ago I got an X1800 and 2 SC5000s, all updated to the latest firmware and linked to each other through the mixer’s hub. The first two weeks everything was working great (minus the many quirks that are already known about these decks and Engine Prime of course) until a couple of nights ago when I was playing some tracks and my second deck’s entire control surface stopped working after about 30 minutes of use and while a track was still playing on it. All of the buttons, jog wheel, pitch slider, etc were non-responsive, still lit up but nothing was working, only the touch screen was still functional. I restarted the deck and it was still not working so I unplugged it and left it unpowered over night, the next day it was working again and I re-updated the firmware just in case, again it worked for a little while and then all of the controls stopped working during use, again after about 30 minutes. All during this the other deck was working perfectly.

My guess is that the defective deck had a bad circuit board for the control surfaces and after being on for a bit and warming up the board just gives up and shuts off or disconnects. Seeing as it was likely a hardware issue I feared that trying to get it serviced would result in the inevitable “we couldn’t replicate the issue” and getting stuck with a deck that would continue to fail during use.